Sports surfaces

Since 1970 worldwide supply and contracting:

  • 400 m tracks
  • Sports and leisure surfaces
  • Indoor PUR sports surfaces
  • Surfaces for Badminton, Tennis, Volleyball, Soccer, American Football, Hockey etc.




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Pointelastic, high performance indoor recreational surface, dual-layer system with textured topcoating, thickness of 10-15 mm. Soft, elastic sublayer according to customer specifications. Poured seamless polyurethane surface layer with high resilience, fibre reinforcement.
Meets DIN-18032.
Colors on request.



Flat- and pointelastic high performance sports-hall surface, triple-layer system with textured topcoating, thickness 13-18 mm. Multiaxial polyester-reinforcement, poured seamless polyurethane surface layer with high resilience.
Meets DIN-18032.
Colors on request.



Pointelastic high performance surface for gymnasia and indoor-recreational facilities. Seamless polyurethane surface with textured topcoating, thickness 6-9 mm.
Colors on request.



Premanufactured multipurpose, textured, synthetic rubber hall-surface supplied in rolls. Permanently glued to substrate with slightly visible joints. Thickness 8-13 mm.
Colors green, beige, blue.





Spike-resistant, impact-cushioning multipurpose surface for track and field. Low-cost, water-permeable or water-impermeable surface with granulate-spray topping. Thickness 12-18 mm.
Dual-layer design with high resilience.
Colors red, green or on request.



Spike-resistant, impact cushioning competition and training surface for track and field. Water-permeable EPDM-rubber surface bound with polyurethane binder. Thickness 8-15 mm, high resilience, low energy loss.
Colors red, green, blue.



Spike-resistant, exceptionally high performance cushioning surface for track and field or recreational facilities. Polyurethane sandwich surface with granulate-topping. Thickness of 13-20 mm, dual-layer system with above-average thickness for ultra-high running comfort.
Colors red, green or on request.




Spike-resistant, impact-cushioning high performance surface for track and field facilities. Polyurethane surface with granulate-topping, thickness 9-20 mm. Homogeneous composition with high tear resistance and tensile strength, high resilience and low energy loss.
Colors red, green or on request.



  • in situ

  • premanufactured artificial grass panels 2 x 1 meter



Pure high performance tufted or knitted GRASS-Sytems for football, soccer and hockey, combined with elastic "Safety" rubber cushion, 12 mm pile height, curled nondirectional polypropyleneor nylon fibres. Surface cut, glued or spanned and stitched. Meets requierements of FIFA and FIH.



Pure tufted high performance polypropylene GRASS-Systems for football, soccer and Hockey, combined with elastic "Safety" rubber cushion, 10 or 12 mm pile height, mostly 50 % of carpet surface glued to subbase, all seams glued and reinforced by polyester tape. Meets requirements of FIFA and FIH.



New generation of slightly sandfilled, tufted polypropylene grass, curled fibres, pile height 10 mm. Designed as a multipurpose surface for tennis, around swimming pools an other recreational activities. Loosely layed with cut, glued and reinforced seams.



-Pile-Height 30 mm
-Yarn-Weight 1’500 g / m2
-Yarn-Decription 12‘500 d-tex
-Tuft 3/8 inch
-Stitch-Rate 18/10 cm
-Yarn-Material PE
-Base foam panel 15 mm



Artificial Grass

Premanufactured tiles

Market situation

Influenced by the big artificial grass manufactures FIFA and UEFA are recommending their multi star systems as the best for playing football or similar sports and they are supporting soccer associations world wide technically and financially. Artificial grass manufactured in rolls combined with a Polyethylene fibre and pile height up to 55–60 mm will need an infill of quartz sand and rubber crumbs. This combination is meeting all technical request and specifications of FIFA and UEFA and looks quite nice and outstanding in a start-up phase. The so-called 3rd generation of artificial grass will lose its playing characteristics in 2–4 years as the quartz will sink to the ground of the carpet and the biggest part of the rubber crumbs will be deposited by wind and playing on the pitches. The result is that the required specifications will not be met, leading to significant problems and considerable levels of maintenance. In central Europe or countries where the manpower is expensive these pitches are nearly unaffordable. In our opinion it will be just a question of time that FIFA and UEFA will not anymore recommend such infill systems.

Our suggestion:

We are offering premanufactured artificial grass tiles ready to install combined with an elastic cushion consisting of rubber crumbs meeting all requests of the international sports federations. Flexi-Grass 18 T or Flexi-Grass 35 T can be mounted directly on each existing ground as long as the ground is pervious to water and well compacted to highway contracting specifications. Tiles 2 x 1 m can be easy transported in containers and will be more practical for laying down on the sites independent of any weather conditions. Depending on the kind of sports the thickness of the elastic cushion can be varied between 25–40 mm and keeps permanently the capacity of shock absorption higher than 64 %!
Once the tiles are laid down no joints are anymore visible and the surfaces look quite compact!

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