2-part coatings

P R O D U C T I O N - P R O G R A M      (chemical intermediates)


Primers and adhesion promoters for all kind of materials.


Elastic sports surfaces for indoor and outdoor sports.


Rigid or flexible adhesives for highest performance in many industrial applications for aircraft and automotive industrial, building and construction, containers, tools- and apparatus, sports equipment, laminating.





UNIPRIM 100 Primer asphalt / concrete
  101 Primer existing PUR surfacings
  102 Primer  metal / glass
  110 Primer metallic zinc
UNISPORT 200 PUR-Binder MDI-100 rubber granules
  201 PUR-Binder MDI- 98  rubber granules
  202 PUR-Binder TDI  rubber granules
  203 PUR-Binder MDI-100 rubber granules
  220 PUR-coating HG-outdoor
  221 PUR-coating OHG-outdoor
  230 Spray-coating MDI-outdoor
  250  PUR-coating approx. 55°   shore A
  260 Acrylic-coating tennis courts
  290 PUR-topcoat tennis courts
  300  PUR-coating halls approx. 42°   shore A
  310 PUR-coating halls approx. 70°   shore A
  380 PUR-spaluta thixotropic
  391 PUR-topcoat hall floorings
UNICOAT 700 PUR-coating sound deadener
  701 PUR-coating sound deadener / tar
  705 PUR-coating semi-elastic    sprayable
  706 PUR-coating semi-elastic    sprayable
  707 PUR-coating buoys, orange sprayable
  708 PUR-coating buoys, yellow  sprayable
  709 PUR-coating solvent-free    sprayable
  710 PUR-coating hard   general purpose
  710 PUR-Step-Up staircase
  711 PUR-coating black  brushable, concret
  712 PUR-coating red      steel tanks
  713 PUR-coating black  steel tanks
  714 PUR-coating bridge insulation
  715 PUR-coating pourable flooring 7-10 mm
  718 PUR-coating wear resistant
  719 PUR-coating flat roof coating, sprayable
  720 PUR-coating semi-elastic mirror backing
  721 PUR-coating blue antistatic
  722 PUR-coating red heat-resisting
  728 PUR/Acryl topping, colorless, wear resistant
  730 Epoxy-sealer concrete surfacing
  731 Epoxy-flooring pourable, self-levelling
  732 Epoxy-paint brushable flooring
  733 Epoxy-paint water based flooring
  734 Epoxy-paint adhesion promoter, colorless
  740 Epoxy-coating oil- and gasresisting anticorrosion
  741 Epoxy-coating fuel, water               anticorrosion
  742 Epoxy-coating brushable                anticorrosion
  750 Epoxy-flooring self-levelling
  751 Epoxy-flooring 751, 3 components, not charged
  752 Epoxy-compound pure mortar resin

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