2-part sealants


Special solvents for the plastic industry, organic, non polluting flushing solvent for cleaning of mixing-heads, PUR-stripper for hot applications.


Elastic sealants for industrial- and building applications.

P R O D U C T I O N - P R O G R A M





UNISOLV  800 Cleaner tools
  801 Cleaner tools, flushing
  803 Cleaner paint-stripper
  804 Cleaner PUR-hot stripper
  805 Cleaner general purpose
  806   Cleaner grease remover
  807 Cleaner -organic flushing of mixing head
  817  Cleaner asphalt
  819 Cleaner Primasan
UNISEAL 900 1K -acrylic sealant ctu 310 ml    [PE bag 600 ml]
  910 1K -silicon sealant ctu 310 ml    [PE bag 600 ml]
  920 1K -hybrid elastomer sealant ctu 310 ml    [PE bag 600 ml]
  921 2K -elastomer sealant drum: A = 7,0 kg / B = 2,1 kg

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