Wall coverings

2-part jointless PU- or Epoxy wall coverings for shower rooms, toilets, wardrobes, kitchens, hospitals, laboratories etc.

  • no joints
  • easy to clean
  • watertight
  • resistant to most chemicals
  • all colors

PU wall coatings are used everywhere where great wear and good cleaning is required.

Many colors are offering a varied design. 

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2 Component-PU wall coverings

Sprayed and rolled elastomer wall coating seamless applied on any existing wall combined with mortar levelling-water barrier-several top coats in thicknesses up to 3 mm.
Designed for WC, wardrobes, kitchen, shower rooms, car wash installation, animal hospitals, laboratories etc. wherever a lot of water is used for cleaning.

  • seamless (no joints)
  • easy cleaning by water rinsing
  • watertight
  • resistant to all cleaning chemicals
  • any color available
  • on request even or textured surface available

PU-wall coverings are replacing ceramic tiles wherever hygienic seamless wall surfaces and fast quality cleaning (even high pressure methods) is requested and daily applied.

Architects will appreciate the large range of colors!

Sunbeam Limited und Sunbeam Gruppe

Sunbeam Limited und Sunbeam Gruppe
Animal-hospital Bern, RAL 7035

Sunbeam Limited und Sunbeam Gruppe
Highschool Weid,
Pfäffikon SZ  NCS S 1502-B

Sunbeam Limited und Sunbeam Gruppe
Animal-hospital Bern, RAL 9010